Friday, January 17, 2014

CED doll shoes available

The second batch consists of shoes for CED dolls. The terms are the same as before and you can of course combine items from different postings:

The shoes are €4/$5.50 per pair. Shipping is €9.40 for Europe and $18 elsewhere. That is for a maximum of 3-4 pairs (the price is for a registered oversized letter of 250 g at the maximum). Payment through Paypal. Contact me at

Suomeen hinta 4 €/pari ja postikulut 7,60 € eli pakettimaksu, koska Suomen sisällä maksikirjettä ei ilmeisesti voi enää rekisteröidä (Postin hintalaskuri ei näytä tätä vaihtoehtoa). Toisaalta sitten pakettiin menee vaikka kaikki alla olevat. Maksu pankin kautta. Ota yhteyttä:

All shoes listed below are available. A link to the relevant blog post in my Finnish blog has been included, where possible.

The first ones are similar to the fabric shoes listed in the previous posting.

 CED #01 (

CED #02 

CED #03

CED #04

CED #05

The rest are made of different kinds of fabric and/or other materials.

CED #06

CED #07

CED #08

CED #09

CED #10

CED #11

CED #12 (variation of these:

CED #13 (

CED #14 (

CED #15 (

The next batch will be Monster High shoes and then there will probably be some shoes for Tonner's American Model and a few individual pairs for different dolls.

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