Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shoes available

I've been going through some old boxes and sorting stuff, and I came across some doll shoes I thought I could sell, if anyone's interested. This first batch is all for Madame Alexander's modern Cissy (the doll for which these were made is Seventies Strut Cissy). Some shoes are a very tight fit and take some work to get into the doll's feet.

The shoes are €4/$5.50 per pair. Shipping is €9.40 for Europe and $18 elsewhere. That is for a maximum of 3-4 pairs (the price is for a registered oversized letter of 250 g at the maximum). Payment through Paypal. Contact me at

Suomeen hinta 4 €/pari ja postikulut 7,60 € eli pakettimaksu, koska Suomen sisällä maksikirjettä ei ilmeisesti voi enää rekisteröidä (Postin hintalaskuri ei näytä tätä vaihtoehtoa). Toisaalta sitten pakettiin menee vaikka kaikki alla olevat. Maksu pankin kautta. Ota yhteyttä:

All shoes listed below are available. A link to the relevant blog post in my Finnish blog has been included, where possible.

First, there are pumps made of fabric in several different colors:

Pumps #1

Pumps #2

Pumps #3

Pumps #4

Pumps #5

Pumps #6

Pumps #7

Pumps #8

Pumps #9

Pumps #10

Pumps #11

Pumps #12

Pumps #13 (note that the color is very dark green, not black)

Then some others made of different kinds of fabric and/or other materials:

Pumps #14

Pumps #15 (black satin)

Pumps #16

Pumps #17 (

Pumps #18 (black lace) (

Pumps #19 (brown leather)

Pumps #20 (fabric and plastic) (

Pumps #21 (

Pumps #22 (

Pumps #23 (
Pumps #24 (

Finally, some other designs. Note that the wedge soles are plaster castings, so the shoes weigh considerably more than the other types.

Wedges (ankle strap closure with velcro)

Sandals (

Cork soles (

That's all for this batch. More shoes for other dolls will come later. If there's a specific doll for which you'd like shoes made by me, you can leave a comment, but no promises as I don't even know myself yet, which shoes I'm going to sell.


Brini said...

I'm so jealous of your talent. You have encourage me to try and make some shoes but I am not there yet, lol. If you decide to let go some for fashion royalty, please let me know.

Tarja said...

I have only made one pair of shoes for Fashion Royalty, so there is none to sell at the moment.