Sunday, March 9, 2008

Set of shoes for Tiny Betsy McCall

I had swatches of furniture fabric in several colors. I treated the fabrics with sealer (FolkArt Outdoor Satin Sealer) to prevent fraying and staining. After I had made shoes for larger dolls, there was still enough fabric left to make one pair of shoes in each color for Tiny Betsy.

This model is very simple. It requires minimum amount of glueing. The inner sole is made of the same fabric as the upper part. The outer sole is leather.

As the shoe has open toe, it is easy to glue. All you need to glue are the sides under the inner sole, the strap behind the ankle, and finally the outer sole. You can also glue a small piece of leather as the heel of the shoe.

You can use fairly thick fabrics for this model as the sides are straight, which makes it easy to glue them.

Shoes for Tiny Betsy doll
Here is the full set of shoes. Some of the decorations are glued to place, some attached with sewing thread.

Set of shoes for Tiny Betsy
If you want to try making this kind of shoes for your doll, here is the pattern. Save the picture on your computer and print it making sure that the scale in the picture matches reality.

Pattern for Tiny Betsy shoes
If you make shoes using this pattern and put a picture of them on your web site, Flickr, etc., please leave a comment here telling me where to go to see the picture.

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Munkeh said...

Thanks for this pattern. I recently acquired a Pullip doll and the shoes for Tiny Betsy fit the Pullip doll's feet also. I'm excited to try making these shoes for my new Pullip doll.

Tarja said...

I hadn't noticed that, but maybe that's because I decided after one pair of boots for Pullip that I wouldn't be making any more shoes for them. Anyway, if the pattern isn't quite the right size (I'd expect it to be a bit too wide), it will be easy to modify it as it is so simple.

msSarge said...

thank you for sharing your pattern. I will let you know how it goes.