Monday, April 27, 2009

Really small shoes

The earlier posting reminded me of the boots I once made for Pullip. Pullips are approximately Barbie-sized, but they have a huge head and small feet. Fortunately, there is a joint in the ankle, so flat soles are fine. Heels would be a bit too much in this scale. Also, the doll's proportions are so unrealistic anyway that it does not matter, if the shoes have a bit strange proportions or scale.

These boots are made of leather and the insole is cardboard. Usually I cover the insole with leather, but in these, it is not visible and it was easier to make these using thin insoles. The outer sole is again made of different colored leather. The holes for laces are fairly big as 2 mm was the smallest eyelet I could find. The laces are made of cotton yarn. The 1 euro coin is in the picture to show the scale.

Handmade ankle boots for Pullip

Another doll with small feet for which I have made shoes is California Girl Barbie. For a Barbie, she has sensible size of feet and it is possible to make shoes for her. The next picture shows some of the pairs I have made. The pink ones are made of polymer clay and I will post the instructions for those as soon as I have translated them.

Shoes for California Girl Barbie

Original posts: March 15, 2006 and August 19, 2007.

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