Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sandals for a Monster High doll

This is the first pair of shoes I made for a Monster High doll. The insoles are made of leather and straps are cardwoven bands made of sewing thread and thin silver colored thread. To get the strap length correct, I decided to make the buckles first and only then glue the ankle straps in place. One thing to keep in mind while gluing the straps in place is to make sure you don't make them too tight. You need to be able to open and close the buckle. So make sure to check that you can do it before the glue has dried.

I used metal strips inside the soles to help keep the correct shape. It also helped dealing with the bulge caused by the end of the straps.

I thought it would be a good idea to add a little extra, so these wouldn't be just basic sandals. As the buckles aren't glued or soldered shut, the coins can be easily removed.

Almost ready: straps in place, outer soles glued in place, only heels are missing.

Here are the finished shoes. The heels are carved from balsa wood and covered with leather.


Jessika said...

That is incredible! Those shoes are fabulous! Working so small requires a lot of skill. COngrats!

Jen/Emi said...

Maybe I can actually make the shoes I want to at some point...