Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barbie shoes from Mattel

Here are a couple of particularly nice pairs of shoes from Mattel's Barbie fashion sets.

First, ankle boots, if you can call these boots. The doll wearing them is a Fashionistas Barbie and these do not fit Silkstones.

These came with Barbie fashion worn by the Alvin Ailey Barbie in the next picture.

The next pair came in a set of three outfits. The doll here is a Silkstone Barbie and the shoes fit very well.

The set these came in is shown in the next picture. The picture is small, but you can see the dresses well enough to recognize the package, if you come across it. The other pair of shoes in the package is also very nice.

Of the dresses, the blue one fits also Fashion Royalty dolls well.

Update: The set seems to be available in Amazon: Barbie Fashion Doll Clothes - A Night out on the Town!


SCinNYC said...

Hi, I've been given the job to make a costume for the Alvin Ailey Mattel ballerina doll you feature in your blog. I found you after searching for "clothing" for her. I am not looking for clothing but actually for ballet slippers (toe shoes) for this doll but I cannot find any due to her specifically pointed toes. She originally does not come with shoes. Do you have any idea on how I can create these ballet slippers for her? I am a costume designer but not a shoe designer...please help! :) PS. you do very impressive work!

Tarja said...

Can't help you with making them as I wouldn't try it myself, but there are some by Mattel and you can see them in this photo:
They came in a set that had 3 outfits, including the one the doll is wearing.