Thursday, July 11, 2013

An old pair from 2007

I made these shoes for Madame Alexander's Cissy in 2007. These are among the first experiments I made with plaster casting soles.

I covered the soles with fabric.

Then I glued on some plastic decorations. The fabric had to be used partly to keep the plaster from chipping, partly because parts of the soles will always show between the decorations, no matter how carefully you place them.

Finally, I glued on the insoles and straps and covered the sides with sealer.

The shoes have been stored in a box with other pairs for several years now and the other day, when I took them out, I noticed this:

The sealer looks really bad. This is the only pair where this has happened. All the other ones, even the oldest, look fine, so I have no idea why it happened with these shoes. Could be a reaction between PVA glue and sealer.

The original Finnish blog post is here.

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