Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book about doll shoe making techniques

I have been planning on collecting together and organizing information on tools, materials and techniques for making doll shoes. Much of the information is already in this blog, but it is here and there and may not be easy to find. That is why I'm planning on writing a book about the subject.

To keep the costs down, I am planning on making it an ebook, specifically a Kindle book available through Amazon. This way, I do not need to limit the number of pages and can be as elaborate as I think is necessary.

Considering my track record of unfinished projects, I cannot make any promises about if and when the book will be ready, but I have started planning the structure of the book and what information to include. This is where you, the readers of my blog, enter the picture. If there is a specific subject you would like to see included or any other requests, leave a comment to this blog post or tweet it to @kenkafriikki.

The preliminary plan for the structure is to have four main parts: Tools, Materials, Techniques for different parts of shoes, and example projects showing how to make shoes from start to finish (also different scales and different skill levels from very easy to ones using advanced techniques). This may change once I start writing the book and see how the structure works.

Update: I checked the sales of my previous book and as it seems not to be selling anymore, I lowered the price. You can find it here. It is not exactly cheap even at the new price, but an even lower price would mean all profits going to Blurb. Actually, the printing cost is the main reason of choosing the ebook format for the next book.


Heather said...

It sounds like a good idea... I wish you luck in getting it done, hehe, I understand the half finished project -_-

Anilegra said...

UNa idea genial!!!!!!

Q. Q. Kachoo said...

That would be great (and thanks for reminding me about your last book too, since I still want to buy that). I think the only thing I'd like to see in the book, that I'm not sure whether you've covered on your blog already or not, is making shoe forms for dolls with unusual feet. I'm thinking specifically of dolls like the new "Once Upon A Zombie" dolls, whose feet are positioned flat, but they still have a natural arch. Here's a photo to show you what I mean: http://www.flickr.com/photos/venivididolli/9612119474/