Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fashion Doll Shoes videos

I have decided to try making proper video tutorials in addition to blog posts. You will be able to find them on my YouTube channel, but I will also be posting them here. The first video is just an intro to let you see my face. If I sound a bit unnatural, it's simply because I was reading most of the stuff from a paper. The future videos should be more natural, i.e. contain much more pauses, problems with selecting the right words, getting sentences all muddled up, and other fun stuff like that. Anyway, here is that first video:


BlackKitty said...

It was nice seeing the face behind the tutorials! I'm looking forward to your videos. I don't mind learning a few Finnish curse words along with shoe techniques :)

Brini said...

You race is matches your talent, beautiful. I can't wait to see the tutorials.