Monday, February 15, 2010

I am psychic

A little while ago, I bought a magazine called "Vogue Collections numéro 9 - Spring-Summer 2010" to get all 110 pages of shoe pictures included in it. As I was going through the pictures, I found something interesting on page 302, which had photos of Roberto Cavalli's shoes.

Here is one of the shoes shown on that page. Take a good look at the sole...

and then compare it to this:

Finished shoes for Sybarite

I made these shoes in July 2007. (For the English description published later, see here.) The basic structure of the sole is similar, although not quite the same.

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tinyseams said...

Great minds think alike! That is an awesome design! I love your doll shoes!
There are some Sybarite reverse heel shoes made similar to that style also. It is a good design for dolls because you don't have a fragile spike heel to worry about.