Sunday, February 14, 2010


I made these shoes with the same pattern as the white pumps. I treated the fabric with sealer and cut the pieces. The sequins and beads are sewn in place.

The next step was to cut the pieces some more. The fabric was too thick for rounded parts at the heel and toes, so I made both open to help gluing the uppers in place. Then it was time to sew in some more sequins and beads.

Here you can see the process of gluing the uppers to the soles. As you can see, there are only straight lines in the parts that are turned under the sole, so it is easy to get a good result.

The finished shoes look like this. The heels are made of polymer clay and I mixed the color myself. This is probably the easiest design to make, but with some decorations, you get nice looking shoes.

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tinyseams said...

You are so sweet to explain your line of thought! I see that this is a great way to get a good fit. Begin with a full shoe cover that fits well and then trim away for a more detailed design. Very good! It seems easier to design this way.