Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leather shoes with buckles for the Baha Cat

I made leather shoes with buckles for the Baha Cat to go with the folk costume I'm making for the doll. The shoes I've seen in photos vary, but the common factor is black leather and gold colored buckles, so these should be close enough.

Here are the parts for the shoes. The insoles are made of one layer of cardboard covered with leather.

I started by attaching the toe part. As these shoes need to go over the wool socks I have knitted for the doll, the doll needed to have the socks on to make sure the shoes would be big enough.

These parts form the back and sides of the shoes. I attached the buckle first, so I was able to check before gluing anything that I could get the opposite strap into it. To see how to glue these parts in place, see this earlier blog post.

Here are the finished shoes.

Here are the shoes on the doll's feet.