Basic instructions

This page contains links to blog posts explaining some of the basic techniques I use when making doll shoes. I thought it would be more convenient to collect them here, so you won't have to go through all posts when looking for a specific thing.

Making a foot last:
Making a foot last for a doll with flat feet
Plaster casting using a latex mold

Mold making:
Making a master
Making a silicone mold
Flat sole mold with Sculpey Mold Maker
Making a cardboard mold 

Shoe soles:
Casting plastic that needs to be melted
Casting plastic using a silicone mold
Carving cork soles 1 & Carving cork soles 2
Cardboard (card stock) soles
Modeling clay soles for Barbie shoes 
Wedge heels from polymer clay using cardboard molds

Making polymer clay heels 

How to get plastic uppers to stay in place


Unknown said...


mikä liima käytät, jos voin kysyä?

T: Ola

Tarja said...

Enimmäkseen PVA-liimaa eli valkoista puuliimaa (Eri Keeper ja vastaavat). Pikaliimaa materiaaleihin, joita ei sillä voi liimata (metalli, muovit).