Friday, May 22, 2009

Silver leather ankle boots for Sybarite

I got the idea for these ankle boots from two pictures in the book A Century of Shoes: Icons of Style in the 20th Century. The pictures are these:

The good thing about this design is that it is a lot easier to make than normal ankle boot as the parts to be glued under the inner sole are almost straight.

I used a pair of soles I cast using casting resin. The color is a bit off in the picture as the soles are actually pale blue.

I drew a pattern first and marked the places for holes in it. Then I cut the pieces out of leather and marked the places for holes in them using the pattern.

The special tools needed are the pliers for making the holes and the tool for attaching the eyelets.

Here are the leather pieces with eyelets in place, but not hammered flat yet (if you want to see how to attach the eyelets, see the beginning of the video in the previous post). The eyelets are even paler blue than the soles. I would have preferred smaller eyelets in a slightly darker shade, but these were all I got.

Here are the inner soles before cutting the extra leather around the cardboard soles. As the outer soles are made of hard resin, the inner soles only consist of one piece of cardboard and one piece of leather. This is enough to keep the form during the assembly.

Here are the boots before gluing the outer soles in place.

And here are the finished boots.

For the Finnish post, see here.


Anonymous said...

nice shoes ! u have skills !

Unknown said...

These are awesome. I can't believe you just made those! :) I worship at your... boots! :)

Tarja said...

Thank you. Those are the best doll shoes I have made so far. Sybarite is an expensive doll, so she deserves only the best.

Deb said...

Thank you so much for sharing the videos. I've been trying to find instructions on making custom shoes for the vintage Crissy and Bella Cathie dolls. Your information is very helpful.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Very cool!