Saturday, October 2, 2010

More cardboard stuff

Cardboard proved to be interesting material, so I had to experiment a bit more. Here are shoe soles for Jessica Rabbit (who has Tonner's Athletic Body with high heel feet). These are similar to the Barbie and Monster High shoes, except for the curved part in the heel.

Here the soles have been painted with gold paint.

I decided to make the insoles the same way as for the orange silk shoes. The main thing with these is to make sure there is glue only in the parts that go under the insoles, so the fabric stays neat. Also, be careful when cutting the triangular flaps. There should be no cut edges visible on the sides of the insoles.

I glued little loops for the straps. When you do it this way, you can glue the insoles to the outer soles before putting the straps in place, which makes things easier. Also, you can change the straps to different ones at any point, so you get a very versatile pair of shoes this way.

Finally, here are the finished shoes. You can vary the material, length and positioning of the straps to get different results.


Anonymous said...

So...The straps go on before the bottom sole?

Tarja said...

No, you can glue the insoles to the outer soles before putting the straps in place. The straps go through the loops that protrude from the sides, so they can even be replaced later, if desired.

wengchunchun said...

wow,so great!!i really love the barbies,and hope my barbies can have such pretty shoes that is made by myself:)))and i want to share these for my friends!!

Anonymous said...

hey you do excellent work and have inspired me to make shoes for my own dolls, but what 'kind' of card board is that? and what kind of store would I buy it at? it looks sturdy for being so thin, and i'm used to cardboard being corrugated. Is it like 'card stock'?

Tarja said...

I guess card stock would be a better term for it. I think it's something like 90g/m2.

Marnabe said...

Que hermosas y quetalento,felicitaciones,la barby se va a ver regia con ├ęsas sandalias.