Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sandals for Jessica Rabbit

The winter slumber is hopefully over now and I'll be able to make some new things. First, however, there are old ones to finish, like these shoes.

The picture below shows the thinner insoles in the middle and thicker outsoles on the edges. All are made of several layers of cardboard glued together with PVA glue. The heels, shown on the back, are made of casting resin (more about that in an earlier blog post).

I covered the heels and the edges of the outer soles with fabric.

Then I covered the insoles with black satin. In this stage, you need to be careful not to get glue anywhere else than under the insoles. It's a lot easier to avoid glue stains than it is to remove them.

Next, I made the straps using narrow silk ribbon. The ends of the piece that keeps the five ribbons together are glued on the underside as it looks better. In this scale and with thin silk ribbon, there won't be too much bulging even with three layers of ribbon.

With all the straps in place, I glued the inner and outer soles together and added the buckles. The buckles are small plastic decorations I painted with gold color. The last stage was to add leather outer soles and taps (little pieces at the bottom of the heels).

Finally, here are the finished shoes on the doll's feet.


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These shoes are lovely, thanks for sharing.