Sunday, October 16, 2011

Booties for Jessica Rabbit

I started these over a year ago and managed to finish the cork soles, but then abandoned the project for something else. As I was going through some shoe pictures in fashion magazines, I got inspiration to finish these.

The soles consist of four parts each, the bottom and three vertical parts that form the wedge heel. When cutting the vertical parts, it's best to get the arch correct right from the start. Everything else is easy to carve into the right shape afterwards.

Here the heels are glued in place, but not yet carved into correct shape. Also, the bottom parts are a bit too long, but they were left that way on purpose, so it would be easy to get seamless fit with the wedges.

Here are the finished soles. As there won't be anything to cover the cork surface, it is important to get the seams as invisible as possible.

As I continued the project today, I first made the leather insoles. There was no need to use cardboard as the uppers were not going to go under the insoles.

I glued the edges of the uppers to the cork. Basically, you could finish the process here and use the shoes like this. However, I wanted something a bit different this time.

These are the parts that go around the ankles. I used 2 mm eylets and glued pieces of leather to the inside to protect the doll's feet from scratches.

Here are the ankle parts glued in place.

Then I hammered tiny nails to the edges of uppers. These are not necessary, because glue keeps the uppers in place, but I added them for decoration. You need to be careful to get the nails straight or they will come out through the insole or bottom of the cork sole. The shorter the nails are, the better.

Next, I glued pieces of leather to the bottom of the soles and made laces using cotton yarn. The beads in the ends of the laces are for decoration and also to keep the ends hanging down (that looks so much neater).


Rosamargarita said...

Un abrazo

MilenaKarolina said...


flora75z said...

It´s realy great, but where do you buy those 2 mm eylets? I can´t find them anywhere!

Tarja said...

For eyelets, try stores that sell scrapbooking supplies.

FunFashionInSeason said...

Do you have a pattern for these? Is it possible to make it fit a monster high doll? Cuz I realllllly loves these shoes!!!!!

Tarja said...

Sure, these can be done for Monster High dolls. See the labels list in the right column and select "cork" and one of the earlier posts is about making cork soles for Monster High shoes.

I don't have a pattern for these, but the pieces shouldn't be too hard to make. For making the soles, you can use the Monster High shoe patterns on my web site ( to help you get started.