Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New video tutorial

This video shows you how to cast foot lasts using the latex moulds made in the previous video.

And what happened to the rest of the resin? There was very little left, but fortunately, doll shoes can have really tiny soles. I picked two wedge sole moulds for the final castings.

As I only have one mould per design, I had to mix the resin in two batches. That wasn't easy, considering that this was all the hardener left:

And there wasn't much resin left in the bottle either.

This photo shows the tiny air bubbles you may get in the mixed resin. Letting the mixture be for a minute after mixing helps getting rid of these.

Here are the finished soles. The ones on the left are for Silkstone Barbies and the ones on the right for Pepper Parsons (a Pinkie Cooper doll).

I was curious to see how good I had been at measuring the components. The resin and hardener came in 250 ml bottles. At the time the hardener ran out, there was some resin left. About 7 ml isn't much when you consider the total amount.

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