Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The book is now available

It is a surprise to myself that I actually managed to finish the book and it is now available for Kindle devices and readers on the Amazon web sites. It's called: Techniques for Making Doll Shoes. The link takes you to the web site. The links to the book on the other Amazon web sites are as follows:

For some reason, the listings do not show a cover photo, although there is one. I hope it is just an update problem and the cover will be shown later. This is what it looks like:

The book has 309 pictures (photos and a few drawings) and almost 42,000 words. It is a reference book, describing techniques for making various parts of doll shoes and combining them. You can find much of the information in this blog, but the book has everything organized in a (hopefully) logical order. It also has lots of new photos, which look a lot less cluttered than what I normally have in the blog posts.

Edit: If you want to check the book's table of contents, you can get it in PDF format by clicking here.

Note to Finnish readers:
Suomenkielinen versio on työn alla ja toivon mukaan ilmestyy jossain vaiheessa, mutta käännettävää on paljon, joten mitään tarkkaa aikaa on mahdotonta luvata. Jos ja kun se valmistuu, se tulee todennäköisesti saataville myös Amazonin kautta, koska kotimaiset e-kirjojen verkkokaupat ovat tehneet julkaisusta todella monimutkaista (ainakin ne, jotka olen tarkistanut).


Anilegra said...

A ver si lo compro , muchas gracias!!!!

The grandmommy said...

I enjoy your blog. I would like to be a follower but don't see how. is there a way to become one?