Monday, September 16, 2019


This blog may have been neglected for a long time, but I'm still here, just not keeping up with a lot of things. Health issues have forced me to think carefully how I use the energy I have. Of course work comes first, and after that, there isn't huge amounts of energy left, so the blogs and my YouTube channel have been dormant for years.

Currently, I'm mostly active in Instagram (@dollphotostories), but I have also been writing a book that is connected to the "6th Scale Story" photo stories on my web site ( It will be a standalone story available as a short novel in the Amazon Kindle Store in October 2019. To keep up on the progress of the book and to get info on offers (I plan to make it free for the first few days after publication), follow me in Instagram.

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monstercrafts said...

Hi Tarja! I discovered your blog years ago, but I think that you were no longer active when I found you. In my bucket list of crafts to do I have those cork sandals you made for Nefera, they looked really good.
Sorry to hear that you've had health issues, hope you're doing better now. I'm already following you on Instagram, I'm @monster_crafts

Take care.