Friday, January 1, 2021

Some decorating

I've been mostly writing the book, so no new shoes, but I did decorate the yellow boots from the previous post. I'm really having fun with the hot glue gun, now that I have a proper one. All the decorations are attached with hot glue, except the metal ones on the sides.

The cup cakes have metal spikes for attaching them. That's otherwise fine, but the metal may end up scratching the doll's leg. This is easy to fix by gluing a bit of felt on the inside to cover the metal. Here the boot on the back already has the felt in place. Not that it really matters with the Kindi Kids doll, which isn't a collectible, but for better dolls this is a good idea.

While I was making these, I also took photos for what I thought was the last example for the book, except I came up with another idea. The last chapter will be about making boots for dolls with molded shoes. My main example there is the 12" Miss Piggy by Tonner Doll Company. Her original shoes are fine, but it's interesting to experiment on ways to cover them and make fake heels.

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