Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shoes for Sybarite

This is something between a wedge sole and a normal sole. The picture shows (from top to bottom) the inner and outer sole patterns, inner sole made of leather and cardboard, outer sole made of leather, pieces that come in between, and outer and inner soles for the other shoe.

Parts of Sybarite's shoes
The next picture shows the structure of the soles better. I got the idea for these shoes when I found those little curved pieces of wood that had been left over from some earlier project. The straight part of the sole is made of cardboard and the curved inner sole is made of four layers of cardboard.

Soles for Sybarite's shoes
Here are the finished shoes in the doll's feet. The red pearls are attached to that string and I had to crush a couple of pearls on each end of a strap with pliers to be able to glue the ends of the strap under the inner sole. The shape of the soles is just right and the shoes won't fall from the doll's feet, which is rare with this kind of design.

Finished shoes for Sybarite

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