Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sybarite's feet

Handling an entire doll is always a bit difficult and there is the risk that the doll will be stained by glue, paint or some other material used in making the shoes. That is why I usually make plaster castings of the doll's feet. I was a bit hesitant to do this with the Sybarite as she is made of different material than the vinyl dolls. Finally, I decided to try making a latex mould.

The latex I had used previously had become clumpy so I had to buy more of the stuff. Unfortunately, the new brand turned out to be almost unusable. The brand of latex shown below is not suitable for making tubular moulds. It is too thick and will rip easily under the sort of stress the mould is subjected to when removing it from the doll's leg.

Latex for mould making
As I could not get better latex right now, I decided to try this stuff anyway, although I had already found out how unsuitable for the purpose it was. I felt awful spreading the stuff on the feet of the doll that had been so expensive. It probably would have been a good idea to try the latex first on some part not usually visible, for example, the scalp.

Sybarite's feet covered in latex
I'm happy to tell that the doll suffered no ill effects from the latex. And I even managed to get the moulds out in one piece. That was probably because they were short and the hole was quite large.

Finished latex moulds of Sybarite's feet
Then followed casting the plaster. I used soles I had made for Sybarite to support the moulds. They helped to keep the moulds in correct position and also to keep the shape of the arch correct.

Casting the plaster in the moulds
So now I have a pair of Sybarite feet. Their surface is not perfect due to the poor quality of the latex, but they are good enough for making shoes.

Finished plaster lasts of Sybarite's feet

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Anonymous said...

You are very brave! Thank you so much for sharing! I want to try this on my Sybarite!

Tarja said...

If you try this, I recommend trying the latex first on the scalp, just to be on the safe side.

Anonymous said...

OK I will do that! Thanks for the advice! I need a head mold for wig making anyway. Now I've got to find a suitable latex product.

Anonymous said...

How much bigger are sybraite's feet to FR? :D

Thank you!

Tarja said...

If you select "comparison" from the Labels list on the right side of the blog posts, you'll get a blog post comparing the sizes of different dolls' feet.