Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blue sandals for Miss Piggy

Here are pieces for another pair of sandals for Miss Piggy. The straps are cardwoven bands cut to suitable lengths and glued to a piece that goes around the bundle. The white pieces consist of a few layers of cardboard glued together in correct shape and they go in between the insole and outer sole. The beige pieces are insoles made of leather and glued to one layer of cardboard to keep the desired shape.

Next stage was gluing the straps in place and painting the edges of the in-between soles.

Longer straps were glued under the heel and these straps were to have buckles. As the cardwoven band is quite thick, I used small strips of leather to glue the buckles in place. A strip goes around the middle part of a buckle and the ends of the strip are glued in place so that the end of the strap is between them.

Here are the finished shoes. The outer soles are made of thick blue leather and the heels are made of wood and painted to match the color of the shoes.

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