Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pink fabric and leather

I've been making quite a lot of doll shoes lately. Here is a totally new design. I used the same fabric for CED doll pumps a long time ago, but as there wasn't much of it left, I had to figure out something else this time. And anyway, I don't like repeating myself.

The fabric was stretchy, so I needed to fix it with sealer first. That makes it a combination of fabric and plastic, so it will keep in shape and won't fray. The picture shows the fabric pieces cut to desired shape. The soles are made of two layers of cardboard with leather insole.

Here the fabric pieces are glued in place and the outer soles are waiting for gluing.

The finished shoes look like this. The laces are little pieces of thin rubber band. I used it because that way, you don't need to open the laces to get the shoes on. You could use thin thread, if you don't mind tying and untying the laces each time. The heels are carved from little pieces of wood and covered with leather.

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