Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Platform shoes for a Monster High doll

I had several pairs of the plaster casting soles, so I decided to make another pair of platforms. These are basically similar to the orange silk shoes I made earlier, only the ankle strap is different.

I glued the front parts of the insoles (from toes to about middle of the arch) in place before gluing the straps in place. If the strap construction is anything more complicated, it is better to do it first, but in this case only the end of the vertical strap needed to be glued under the insole.

Here is a closeup of the strap construction.

And here are the finished shoes.


alice50503 said...


SB_Australia said...

Do you make these to sell? I am decorating a 21st cake for my sister next year & I'm looking for "clubbing" shoes for a STARDOLL (which I believe has the same size feet as Monster High dolls).

Tarja said...

I don't sell these. As they are 100% handmade, the price would be too high.

Calaminthe said...

So wonderful shoes. I linked you in my own MH blog so that my readers can find them as well! Wish I had some of them. You can find that post here: http://calaminthe.blogspot.de/2014/12/opening-door-nr-22-and-shoes.html