Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another pair of ankle boots

I wanted to make a white pair of ankle boots for Spectra the same way I made greyscale Ghoulia's boots. The photo below shows a closeup of the material I planned to use. It's half fabric, half some sort of plastic.

Here are the main parts for the boots with the plastic side (outside) facing up.

I used these scissors for cutting some edges. As these are actually meant for cutting cardboard, they were not sharp enough for soft plastic and I had to finish the cutting with regular scissors.

I tried gluing the back seams, but that didn't hold, so I decided to sew them.

I also sewed the front seam. As the fabric side was inside, gluing the uppers in place was not a problem.

This time I glued the toe part in place at this point, which actually turned out to be the better way to do it.

Then I made the button holes.

The heels are made of wood again, but I decided to paint them, because the plastic material was too thick for covering them.

Then I sewed the buttons in place the same way as previously, glued the heels in place, and glued pieces of leather as outer soles.

Here are some photos of the finished shoes.


My Crying Wallet said...

I really enjoy reading your site and appreciate all the tutorials and advice you give about making shoes. I really want to try these on my big ABJDs, just need to find the time!

Thanks again for all your efforts and information!

Linda said...

That is like...uuuuh-mazing!!!

i know I won't be able to make a pair like these but they are to-die-for!

CanadianIce said...

I just wanted to chime in as well and thank you for sharing all this information. I love your shoes and your tutorials!

I was just wondering if you've tried using apoxy sculpt for the soles & heels? I was thinking of giving it a try as that is what I have on hand.

Thanks again!

Afrika said...


Ursi Hawerts said...

Grate work! I have been watched your blog for months. U're very talented :)

Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products said...

Lovely they're so cute. Nice pair of doll shoe. Hope you post more. Love this blog.

Sarah said...

Wow, great post! They look great... was randomly searching for doll making shoes and found this post.

How long did it take you to complete this? Have been considering making some for my niece who loves her dolls, but only showcases them :-).


Tarja said...

I can't say how long it took as I made these over several days, a bit at a time, but it depends a lot on how much experience you have in making miniatures.

FunFashionInSeason said...

Love your work. Is there a pattern for this I really love these and want to make them for a doll of mine.

Tarja said...

Sorry, I don't have this pattern as a PDF.

Unknown said...

Hi hi was wondering if you would be so kind as to share the patterns with me I have a lot of second hand Monster high dolls that need shoes and would like to make these plz