Saturday, May 19, 2012

Repainted Draculaura's boots

It's been some time since my last post. I have mostly unfinished projects at the moment, but also a couple of finished ones, first one of which is this (these have been finished for some time, I just haven't posted the photos here).

As I bought two Draculauras, I had two pairs of her boots and decided to paint one pair. The first picture shows the boots with several coats of the basic color. Covering that bright pink requires a lot of coats when using a light color.

Next, some details in place.

The colors used so far are these.

The blue used for the strap is my own mix left over from a dollhouse project.

The finished boots sealed with satin sealer. It seems to be working well as I have put these on the doll's feet and taken them off several times without any problems. Same with the pair I repainted earlier.


Vita Plastica said...

Nice! I haven't attempted painting shoes yet, but the possibilities are endless.

AML said...

So adorable doll shoes!I must say this is a masterpiece.I love the cut, the color and the design. This will be perfect for my daughter's doll.Adorable!