Saturday, December 15, 2012

Black and white Monster High boots

I've been perfecting my boot making techniques. These are based on the boots described in an earlier blog post, so I will only explain the improvements I made.

The first boots are made of thin, stretchy lace, so I used slightly thicker fabric treated with sealer to form the heel and toe parts.

Here are the lace parts with the back seams sewn. Note that I folded the top of the fabric to make the edge neater. The fold looks OK with fabric this thin. I glued the back seam to the fabric at the heel to make sure it keeps in the correct place.

Here all the gluing is done. I left the toe parts last and glued the lace into the thicker fabric as the boots look better that way. PVA glue is transparent when it dries, so you can't see it. The outer soles at the bottom of the picture are made of leather.

The heels are made of wood, and I painted the heels and soles with off-white acrylic paint. I was only going to paint the heels, but the sides of the outer soles looked too dark compared to the fabric, so I ended up painting everything.

The other pair is made of using the same fabric as in the earlier blog post. I only used sealer treated fabric for the toe parts in these. Thicker fabric like this does not require additional support, if you're making the toe part round. However, a pointed one, like in these, requires additional support to keep its shape. I also made these thigh-high instead of just knee-high.

The boots with soles glued in place. I glued the upper fabric to the support fabric also in these. That required being careful with the glue, so it wouldn't seep through as that would have been clearly visible on matte fabric.

The outer soles are again made of leather and the heels are made of round pieces of wood (if you're lucky, you can find stuff in crafts shops that only require cutting into length and painting, like in this case).

Front view of the boots.


Anonymous said...

Why to use leather??? animal cruelty!

Tarja said...

I have explained this a couple of times already. I guess you're one of those people, who think it would be a better idea (more ethical/ecological) to throw away all the hides from animals we eat and use artificial materials made of practically non-renewable source (i.e. oil) instead.

I think it would be wasteful to not use anything and everything we can from the animals that we use anyway.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This is the only tutorial I've found about how to make a thigh high boots for a doll!!🙏🙏

Unknown said...

How do you get the boots on/off the dolls? My daughter wants some new accessories for her Ever After/Monster High dolls. I can make them, but I don't want to be the one having to dress them every time she plays with them. So my biggest question is, how easy is it to use the boots?

Tarja said...

The boots are stretchy, so they are fairly easy to get on, but of course that depends on the age of the child. Basically, the shoes I make are meant for collectors (over 14 years of age), so I have not taken the ease of use (or safety of materials for children) into consideration.

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