Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boots with lining

The fabric I wanted to use for boots turned out to stain. Fortunately, I was using an extra pair of legs from a Create a Monster set, so it didn't ruin a doll. As I was set on using that fabric, I decided to try making lining for the boots. I wanted it to be as thin as possible, but still stretchy, so I used a piece of the stretchy lace fabric I used alone for an earlier pair of boots.

First I sewed the top seam, joining the outer fabric and lining.

Then I folded the pieces lengthwise and sewed the back seams.

After that, I turned the outer parts the right side out.

The top needs to be adjusted so that the lining does not show, but remains the fabric that will be against the doll's leg.

Then I glued the uppers to the insoles made of leather and cardboard as usual.

I made the heels from pieces of wood, which I covered using the same fabric.

Here are the finished boots on a doll. She's sitting, because unfortunately, the heels turned out to be slightly wrong length and the doll cannot stand when wearing the boots. As you can see, the top of the back seam has a fairly big bulge, because the fabric is folded both vertically and horizontally there. As this was the first pair I made using this technique, I didn't try to do anything about that, but it needs to be addressed, if I decide to try making another pair.

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