Sunday, December 6, 2020

Another wall-hanging display case

Here is another display case hanging on the wall. The shoes in it are for Monster High Nefera, Tonner's Jessica Rabbit, Tonner's 16" Miss Piggy, Madame Alexander's Cissy, and Tonner's American Model. The link info below the picture will state which dolls the shoes are for.

Row 1 - Nefera; Jessica Rabbit: second pair, third pair, fourth pair

Row 2 - Miss Piggy: first pair, second pair

Row 3 - Miss Piggy: first pair, second pair

Row 4 - Miss Piggy: first pair, second pair

Row 5 - Cissy (Finnish blog), American Model

Row 6 - Cissy: first pair (Finnish blog), second pair (Finnish blog)

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