Saturday, December 5, 2020

Various types of shoes

The next part of my collection is yet again in a display case in my bookshelf. The top shelf contains shoes for Tonner's American Model, Jessica Rabbit and 16" Miss Piggy. The second shelf has shoes for Tonner's Agnes Dreary on the left, and two pairs for Mezco's Living Dead Dolls on the right. The small shoe in the middle is a charm that I cast using tin and a silicone mold. The third shelf has one pair (the yellow ones) for Rini and three pairs for Jolina by Zapf Creation, and the bottom row has one pair I made for Sybarite, plus her original shoes.

Here are the links to available blog posts:

Top shelf: first pair (Finnish blog), second pair, third pair, fourth pair

Second shelf: first pair & second pair, fourth pair

Third shelf: second pair (similar to the orange ones in the post about the third pair), third pair

Bottom shelf: first pair

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