Friday, December 4, 2020

Some boots

The first picture shows another display box in my bookshelf. The black boots are the first ever pair of doll boots I have made. They are for the same old doll as the flat-soled shoes in the first collection post. The post about these is in the Finnish blog. The other two pairs are for Tonner's American Model doll. The post about the beige boots is here, and the other boots can be found here.

The next display case is hanging on the wall. I have three of these, and this is the one that can accommodate boots. The others are suitable for smaller shoes. The red pair is for a Lipstik doll, and the boots under them are for Tonner's 16" Miss Piggy as are the ones below those. The two pairs on the right are repainted Monster High boots, upper for Clawdeen, lower for Draculaura.

The next picture shows a display case in my bookshelf. I will probably later use it for boots, but at the moment, there are some shoes for Monster High Gooliope (upper row) and Jolina by Zapf Creation (bottom row). The red shoes with stiletto heels are new, and the darker pair is the first one I made for Gooliope. The black pair on the bottom left is the first pair of gladiator sandals I made, and the two others I made while writing the first Doll Shoe Projects book.

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