Wednesday, December 2, 2020

First part of my collection

I started making doll shoes about 20 years ago, so I have accumulated quite a bit of them, although I did sell some for a brief time around 2004. The money I got for the ones I sold wasn't worth it because of the time it takes to make just one pair, so later I just traded some with friends for other doll items.

This is the first post of showing my collection and providing links to the relevant blog posts, if available. Let's start with some of the older ones, although future posts will have old and new mixed as I tend to group the shoes by the doll for which they were made.

The glass box I have on top of one of my dollhouses contains shoes for the following dolls: The shoes in the front row are for an old, 18", hollow plastic doll with no manufacturer markings. The doll has flat feet, so I haven't made very many pairs for it. The pair with pale green insoles is for Tonner's 16" Miss Piggy, and the rest are for Madame Alexander's Cissy.

Front row: The rightmost pair can be seen in a post in the Finnish blog. The post also has a picture of the doll. The brown shoes next to them are made after a Manolo Blahnik design. The blue shoes are made after a Mary Quant design and the post is in the Finnish blog.

Miss Piggy's shoes can be found in this blog. The posts about Cissy's shoes are all in the Finnish blog, links below. 

Back row: First from left, second pair, third pair, fourth pair.

Middle row: First from leftsecond pairfourth pair.

It seems that there is no blog post about the ones in which I used a zipper in the upper (middle row, third pair). I thought there would be, but it's possible I just posted it in Flickr at the time (when I was still using it).

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